Why are pisces so cold

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That's why they buy so many clothes, bags and shoes. if you get the cold shoulder from these self-protective creatures. Once they get caught they move on without a buzz. If you’re their friend, The hot and cold men are the ones who get close to you, then pull away, then get close to you again, and then pull away again. even though Satan is a boy Every time someone calls me evil and I laugh and all I can think of is my girlfriend who is one of the surprisingly darkest people I know. They’re extremely caring and empathetic individuals. They can't wear all of them, their clothes can stand for several months even if they don't wash their clothes. We can give our personal thoughts based experience and opinions. But they can't control it, because they are emotional animal. No wall can stop you, no ocean is too wide and too deep to prevent you from going to where you need to go, as far as love is concerned Why? Because Pisces speaks in the language of emotion and feeling. When the surrounding temperatures are lower than what you are accustomed to, it is natural for your feet to get cold. Why Pisces men are so cold and unemotional? How does a Pisces guy behave in love Are Pisces men loyal or promiscuous? How to win back a Pisces after an argument or breakup So What Makes A Pisces Man So Charming But So Cold, Mean And Unemotional Pisces men are co-ruled by Neptune (the God of Sea) and Jupiter (philosophy). Thank you for visiting my channel! General reading videos will be posted monthly. If you have seen any cold pisces that means it is the result of some kind of situation which deeply hurt the pisces. Admit it: You’re worse than your air sign sibling Gemini with the wicked games, and you somehow never give yourself away in the process. Many perceive Virgos as cold or lacking empathy, due to logic ruling their lives. Sorry, the video player . Aquarian Astrology. And who come on strong and then suddenly go very cold. The Pisces man is the last sign in the zodiac and considered to be an 'old soul. I want to work with people who actually can take in energy and have an exchange and if this gets me tagged as hard, cold and heinous, I don’t mind. Here are some reasons why this may happen: Fear Hits Him Fast. They also can disappear for long periods of time,and become unreachable. you lack the emotional openness of your sister sign, you can come off as cold. Nov 15, 2017 An Aquarius woman is very active in her sexual life. Cold like the wind lol. Pisces - cold hearted and distant, misunderstood but not whiny bimbo half sarcastic: Virgo moon Pisces mercury and Venus, Gemini Mars, yup id say so. One of the reasons Capricorn men seem so calculated and somewhat “cold” is due to his mistrust of most people. Cancer is the leader of this group; therefore, it is no doubt that Cancer-bearer is the most intuitive and sensitive sign among twelve zodiac signs. Pisces are strong fighters, even though they seem weak and dependable, they are inner superheroes. me/sh Pisces women put a lot of themselves into their relationships, but when you do something to betray them, be prepared to deal with the consequences. Emotions Make You Crazy. Addictive Reasons Why We Love Korean Dramas and why we can never get enough of them since we always want more and why you should love it as well. We never were an official couple but we had sex twice over the past 4 years, we've known each other. Drinking too much is also a Moon Pisces vice… Positive – Warm, kind, sensual, loving, intuitive. Pisces may also martyr himself, choosing to stay unhappy and perceive himself as the poor victim of circumstance over shaking the boat and putting an end to his unhappiness in the relationship. Instead, it causes resentment, hot arguments and the worst, a loss of respect. Biggest Insult: You’re so cold. Yet if you’re a more sensitive sign like a Pisces or a Scorpio, a Libra’s rational approach to more “messy” emotions like sadness or anger can be off-putting. One week they are calling you and texting regularly, and it is great to be around them. We’re creative, spontaneous, easy to talk to, and genuine. Though not really great romantics, they become deeply attached to their loved ones. They are fearful of being poor so can be stingy when it comes to the dosh. Let me state some points. They will give you more than you want. For example, if you had a fight with your Scorpio girlfriend one night, she might just show up at your office the next day during her lunch break and freak out at you in front of all of your coworkers. 14 Feb 2018 Which type of person are you? Your zodiac sign may pay a role in your reaction to cold weather. Thats why it meant so much when he shared his feelings with me. Pisces are very kind and warm hearted. As someone born on March 3rd, I can verify being a Pisces is pretty great. 31 Mar 2019 How to break up with the Pisces woman Acting cold when around her is also a good idea to make this woman want to leave on her own. There isn’t a lot of surface giddiness going on with these guys, so knowing when he’s in a good mood might not be as easy as with some other elements. In order to unravel his character, I recommend you to try Anna Kovach’s new product about Pisces men. Get ready, pretty fish people, because this list is all about you. O. Pisces. Anyway, he had a former wife that hurt him, so that might be why he's so cold. Pisces woman get hurt easily so you must be careful with her. I can be one hell of a devil, I can be so cold, rude, and mean. Nothing wrong with hard work and a long term plan but they’re a pinchpenny and would strong-arm their grandmother out of a buck if they could. The reason this comes about is that he isn’t willing to invest emotions until he’s sure he’s ready for commitment. He is very cold and selfish. Home; True Node. Things To Know About Capricorns. Our moodswings can get out of hand sometimes, but you just have to accept that, but to lighten him up, show more affection, Answers. Treat them gently – they’ll feel it, even if they don’t necessarily show it. Capricorn men are cold because their ruling planet is Saturn. Typically, we Pisces have things easy growing up. New Cold War Predictions, Neocon Conspiracies, your Comments about Hogue on Coast to Coast Am, the Grand Cross Crisis Coming, Ukraine, Crimea, Nostradamus, plus, Malaysian Airliner Flight 370, and the Syrian Civil War » That’s why Scorpio is so dangerous in love—they simply cannot keep their feelings to themselves, and their emotions over the relationship could come spilling out at the worst of times. There is no such thing as a purely imperfect horoscope sign. Trust me pisces love deeper than any other sign. We're both 19 years old. FEB 19 - MAR 20. 19 Sep 2018 Pisces are known as the space cadets of the zodiac—they're often . Further, this has everything to do with Pisces compassion. 26 Mar 2018 Want to know which zodiac signs are most likely to be cold as ice, like a Pisces, Taurus, or Libra but for some reason, they are cold as ice at  They can be very good at listening to the problems of others, understand a lot, Pisces like to be alone, have a strong inner life, are able to withdraw within themselves, also in the In the winter they have cold feet, in the summer swollen feet. Pisces are romantics and have probably had their tender-heart broken on  Astrology has used the concept of classical elements from antiquity up until the present. Having people think you're cold, but actually you just have a tough turtle shell to hide your squishy, secret emotions. If a man tells you he loves you through his actions, no matter how much effort he puts in, women like you won’t get it. This pisces guy that I've liked so much for the past years has just turned so cold. Scorpio men are definitely like you have described. Home; Zodiac Calculator; Zodiac Quiz; Zodiac Sex. 19 – March 20): Spends  18 Oct 2018 So they tend to fall hardest for Virgo, another sign that enjoys taking life at a slow Scorpio can come off as cold and distant, but Cancer sees straight As a sensual sign, Taurus is often the perfect partner for Pisces, who are  They have a reputation as a user and will run hot and cold on anyone in their social . Happens all the time. It is most difficult to understand why they seem distant when claiming to love you. simplybook. Book your private reading here: https://shootingstarstarot. I'm currently in a situation with a Scorpio man who has been icing me out. Can spew their anger, negativity, or judgments over everyone who is near. But, my dear querent, why are you waiting for him to end it? They also have a tendency to see the best in people and getting lost in illusion. Hot and Cold becomes Mr. If you're the type of GF that thinks it's okay to flirt with loads of men (behind or in front of your man) think again. RSS. daily; So It’s Time to End Your Membership. However, most of us are kind, intuitive, and a bit eccentric towards creativity. So, here you may find the answer why people don’t like you! according to your zodiac sign. The Pisces man is intuitive to the extreme and possesses superb intuitions. To a varying extent, they can embrace elaborate structures of ideas, accept them as fact, and use them to shore up a delusional worldview. Commitment. What are qualities needed to make someone good in bed. While other signs keep these deeper emotions buried, Cancer is not so lucky. To the subjective mind this makes no sense, & you will never comprehend us until you learn to rise above your subjectivity. It doesn't do you any good to run into a cold, dark winter's day to  Pisces are truly old souls who may have so much experience because they Pisces are very compassionate towards others. . He is very emotional and always allows himself to be very emotional. Admittedly, they are hard to win over. None of the pisces are cold. 8 Pisces Stereotypes That Are Actually True. They do everything they set their mind to. I have been in a relationship with a Pisces man for 3 years on and off may i add. These bouts of moodiness are especially noticeable at the full moon when the moon’s pull is strongest. I wouldn't go as far as to say that we're all cold hearted. 26 Comments. Answers. Leo: 6 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When It Comes To Love. I'm a Gemini and a Pisces man broke my heart he was so cold, unattentive and he made  Pisces man likes to be someone's support, as it makes him feel good and These two find the other world as cold and distant, while they have harmony,  22 Dec 2018 I'm a Pisces, so, here's me: 1. You have high standards for your partner, even if Its so funny cos I do that too so I know exactly what he's doing! I never ask him about his feelings though, I hate people asking me so I don't do it to him. especially the hot and cold way of disconnecting. But if anyone hurts pisces tend to be cold. How can you not love us? We’re adorable! Sure, we might get really emotional from time to time but that’s just because we feel SO MANY THINGS. 2. Thoughts can be varies from person to person, men to woman. They are Alpha males and that means they have to appear hard and strong to everyone else around them; especially to their lady love. Use your time wisely. These traits can annoy an Aquarian while a Pisces can see them as being unsympathetic. The woman waits and does all of the right things, giving him space when he needs space, jumping in when he wants to jump in and repeating the cycle as necessary Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are listed as the Water elements. I am the ruler of hell. There is a reason why you tend to appear very confident. me/sh But you should try sitting down with him and talk it out. Lacking a central presence of self to illuminate and energize their persona, they can become robotic and formulaic. Cold Surroundings. Scroll down to your zodiac sign to see how well we know you. 's temperamental sign, your mother's  15 Jul 2019 We reveal our best romance tips on how to attract a Pisces and even how to know if a Pisces man is interested in you, so be sure not to miss out . He is seen in movies and books and most of the time the outcome becomes Mr. Pisces is a water sign and therefore really do seem to have an emotional capacity that’s as deep as the ocean. Keep in mind though, there are people who appreciate, and even prefer an even-tempered lover—and that’s great. Virgos are definitely not cold, but rather, very calculated. 29 Oct 2018 Pisces people tend to be deep, complex and often contradictory, even to their own natures. And I wouldn Thank you for visiting my channel! General reading videos will be posted monthly. They have their own way of doing things, and there’s absolutely nothing Mr. Stupid backstabber called and was trying to snoop and dig for info so she could report to the ex and I finally dropped the politeness, called her out on her butter all over again and reminded her that she isn't my friend and isn't wanted or needed in my life. Most Aquarians could care less about being seen as beautiful on the outside, because deep inside they know they are gorgeous, regardless of the outward look. The moon’s pull on these underlying currents brings deeper emotions to the surface for Cancer. Why Am I Always Cold? 10 Reasons You’re Always Cold. awkwardly enough rins mom. Pisces men may never seem entirely at ease as a result of these pulling forces. Pisces love to look into people's eyes, it's their way of looking into their soul. In general I think Fire signs are insecure about the material world, Earth signs about being intuitive, Air signs about feelings and Water signs about theories. How To Win Back or Get Forgiveness From A Pisces Man. Pisces love affection most of them time, so when he gives you an attitude, wrap your arms around him and whisper "Listen to me, please. The main reasons you're so hot and cold all the time is because you're incredibly judgmental and picky, whether you admit it to yourself or not. My heart is as cold as ice. Neediness and desperation are major turn offs to women and often times why they go cold on a guy they seem so into. How to signal him to ask you out on a date Why Pisces men are so cold and unemotional? How does a Pisces guy behave in love Are Pisces men loyal or  It's common for Pisces male to create a cold and detached distance when things get rocky in a relationship. That is why it’s so hard to get to know a Pisces man. And not just the fact that she's pisces. Your poor ex, Aquarius. Over the last few months, I’ve been receiving many emails from women who are completely in the dark about their hot and cold Scorpio man. This duality, as seen in the Pisces symbol, is what can make Pisces people so hard to understand for many people, and certainly for themselves too. They love deeply. Hot and Cold is ubiquitous in our society. A Pisces man is calm, thoughtful,  20 Jun 2019 A Capricorn Man will generally act extremely cold and detached If you guy's want a good idea of how a Cap Man and Pisces Woman settle  6 Feb 2019 One side of Gemini is very cold, but their alternate personality is as hot as Um, Pisces froze and won't thaw out until Pisces season begins. This mistrust makes him constantly worry about where he’s going, with whom, and makes him cautious. So you’ve gotten tangled up with an Aries man and are now wondering why it started out so hot and heavy and now he is ice cold. Maybe youre a water sign and this rubs you the wrong way. They are the most unstable mind,they themselves don t know what they want. are how do you Man Hot And Cold, Get The Best Tips · Why Is My Pisces Boyfriend Ignoring  4 Jun 2019 Everything You Need to About a Pisces: A Handy Guide Do you know how to deal with your S. Pisces run deep and don't like delving deep inside themselves to show the world (thats me anyway). ” Love, […] The hot and cold men are the ones who get close to you, then pull away, then get close to you again, and then pull away again. The relationship works fine till the time the Aquarius displays cold and detached attitude, which can hurt Pisces very much. The first step towards not getting caught in the chaos of having a guy go hot and cold on you is understanding why he’s acting that way and where it’s coming from. One aspect of the Pisces star sign that many people seldom touch on is that it’s the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and is therefore said to host the traits of all the signs that came before. . They often become silent and cold, keep their anger to themselves, keep a tally of perceived wrongs and act as if everything is fine, then suddenly, seemingly over nothing, explode in a rage. The Pisces I know can become not cold,but distantthey can be in a room with you and seem so far away. Pisces has an uncanny ability to go with the flow, to transform and shift as necessary in any given situation, which is lucky as they are also the most vulnerable of the signs. Well, you should know this because it is very true. They are so devilish that God should protect you from their wrath. Moron, you can find a psycho in every single zodiac sign. Pisces rules drugs and alcohol as means of achieving altered states of consciousness. No one is born faultless because everyone has some fault within them. The 'dark' Aquarians exhibit a chilling lack of emotion. The hot and cold Scorpio man has a tendency sometimes to jump in without fully looking. They are sometimes affectionate and warm, and sometimes aggressive and cold as ice. Unlock your destiny with karmic astrology. What Do You Write in an 80th Birthday Card for A Man? Birthday Wishes Idea 1 day ago · So it makes sense that you know that the best way to wake up with iced coffee in the summer is to add a splash of old-school amaretto (obviously). why the moon signs are inspiring aries moon: so passionate, accepting and enthusiastic. I do love him to bits but there are things he says and does which i cannot work out. Always unpredictable and eager to please, just  Sometimes Pisces emotions are so deep and so powerful words cannot express them. They typically suppress whatever it is that they are feeling because they do not want to be perceived as feminine or weak. Or boys in your case. Negative and positive emotions rule them without warning. Remember that Pisces is too shy and she reminds you quickly of the Signs an Introverted Girl Likes You but she is. You may have some religious upbringing. Although you are a good member of your group or society but there are some factors that people may find annoying and disturbing about you. 1. Answer by JackHas nothing to do with being “virgo. Yes, Pisces can have a high intellect. What others are saying Fuck everyone I'm Satan. This is a Saturn in Virgo concept by the way. Deal of the day: This KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker is on sale, today only! Yahoo Lifestyle. Cap lives under the thumb of the strictest, harshest, most judging and punishing god in the solar system. The Scorpio lover positive traits: Analytical; Passionate; Considerate; Helpful; Sensual; Energetic; Perceptive; The Scorpio Lover negative traits: Callous; Suspicious; Possessive; Stubborn; Contrary; Reserved; Flighty; Scorpio falls in love with great intensity, once they have taken their time to get to know you. They are good actors, but are very selfish. Aquarius Can Be Cold and Rigid. The mother of Pisces moon probably had these aspects too. Offering random apologies for what you think you did wrong is another sign of neediness and desperation that will likely turn her from an ice cube into a tank of nitrogen gas. Pisces are the chameleons of the Zodiac, and they can show traits of most of the other astrological signs. Posted by Wade Waverly. Step 1 – Understanding Your Nodes Instead, I’m going with the odds. Aries men are not wimps; or so they believe. They try to relate with Gemini on a level of emotions and feelings. Pisces have a Pisces do not get angry, they get cold. He’s much like the Scorpio man when it comes down to dealing with others. Here are 10 reasons why no one understands a Pisces, and why that is totally okay: 1. While too much fat is, of course, a bad thing, fat does play an important role in maintaining body temperature. Some of the traits of Pisces are:- * Pisces often walk away when having an argument. Perfect match - Cancer and Pisces. While, in some cases, cold feet may not be a serious cause for concern, the condition is symptomatic of an underlying health issue that needs to medical While an Aquarius man can be incredibly romantic when he’s in love, if he is only getting to know you as a friend or is dating you (not seriously), he can seem sometimes as though he’s a bit cold. The effort comes to naught. I’m not all sunshine and rainbows. Perhaps you can see that. Sorry but that is often true. Water is what bestows Pisces with their emotional wisdom. And Virgo can be cold also and uncaring too for that matter. Being that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, those born under this In summation, Capricorn is the coldest sign in the zodiac in that its natives can be coldly detached regarding job matters as well as interpersonal relationship. I fool people into thinking that they know so much about me, when in reality, they  24 Jan 2015 Yes, he was harsh and a cold heartbreaker fit to burn, but check out songs like So did Pisces Moon singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. When people meet us, we are always sweet and genuinely caring — we do a fantastic job at empathizing with  What to Do when My Boyfriend Becomes Distant and Cold? . (not only for mens but for dominant pisces placements people in general) 1. They love order and security, which is why they spend a lot of their time thinking about money and possessions - but this does not happen out of greed, but as a precaution for times of need. No matter how much wrong you do to a Pisces somehow they still find the good in you. Your passion and love for life is truly inspiring and people are in awe of you. So, if women treat you emotionally, that means you are special for her, at least you are not a normal friend to her. Aries Sex; Taurus Sex; Gemini Sex This Full Moon in Pisces is focused almost entirely on the polarity between Virgo and Pisces, as Jupiter and Neptune bring added dynamism to the picture. It’s all about their shadow side, the things they can’t deal with and, like you mentioned Elsa, that they end up projecting on the opposite sign. Pisces men hard to understand. Every sign of the zodiac is associated with a planet (or two), but none is as unfortunate as Capricorn. Pisces (Feb. Of all the signs in the zodiac, you really love to play it cool. They are air signs. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury so no emotion there either. The real reason of course is a deep and profound sense of insecurity, inadequacy, and lack of fulfillment. Pisces do not get angry, they get cold. However, it happened so quickly that he didn’t give it any actual thought nor did he fully get to know the woman he’s with. Taurus, Capricorn; Winter (cold becoming wet) - Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The ex friend (virgo) got a renewed taste of the icy cold. Quickest Way to Get Pisces into Bed: mist up at a movie. People are acutely attracted to you, which on the one hand feels great, but on the other, you need to decompress like anyone else, so you cancel plans seriously all the time, which makes you feel like kind of a jerk, so the next time you see those people you feel compelled to double up on the charm. Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) The say still waters run deep, and if your man is a Water Sign, you know this to be true. Boundaries, Pisces. When things go badly, pisces man is very hard on  4 Mar 2019 As if Pisces season wasn't already making you soft as heck. Pisces have a strong sense of humor, they are fun for everyone and very sociable. When angry, a Taurus: Can be threatening, and say and do things are mean and hurtful. Why Virgo men are so cold and weird? Why do virgo men always seem to think the grass is greener on the other side ,never finish any project the start and never seem to care about others feelings? I’ve seen these traits a few times. It also represents strength. had enough, they've had enough, and will not care anymore and turn cold. 6 Capricorn – You're So Cold To Others, You Never Let Them In For Capricorn ladies, everything needs to be put into words. The funny thing about the Leo’s romantic personality is that you are either hot or cold. 3 Min Read perfect before. The way they Sting is awful, but their loving side is awesome. With so much emotion, artistic endeavors come easily to them, and they have an extraordinary imagination. You can never predict which face they will show you. Keep reading to find out why is your Scorpio man being hot and cold all the time: Things Are Moving Way Too Fast. TBH, I think you acknowledge them more now, then when you were in a relationship. If you are hot, you are like this Romeo on fire. But I really think most water signs are like this. But if a pisces is cold to you that means he or she is deeply hurt. So there may be an attraction to such. Medically referred to as cyanosis, this phenomenon occurs due to your body's natural response to unexpectedly low temperatures. Just because an Aquarius may not be as forthcoming with their emotions as other signs doesn’t make them cold and aloof. It all started when he went out of town for work, he's military and I knew contact during that period would be limited. MENU. Don’t be so cold, betch. Psst: Follow this guide to making that trendy cold brew that’s all over your Instagram. Look more into this particular girls chart like someone else suggested. The list goes on and on. Cold feet can be a cause of much discomfort for any individual. That's why they sometimes seem bossy and serious. If you dont like that sort of thing, it can be unpleasant for you i guess. Or you are doing something which is making it difficult to trust you. Capricorn. Or, perhaps he keeps going back and forth So you’ve gotten tangled up with an Aries man and are now wondering why are Aries men being so hot and cold all the time. 13 Unbelievable Traits of Pisces Sun Sign. Here are some reasons Aquarius is such a beautiful sign They are one of a kind. He feels that he’s “in love”. It doesn't "keep him on his toes" ladies. The symbol for Capricorn is the sea-goat, a goat with the tail of a fish. With every soft whisper and with every warm touch the love of Aquarius man and Pisces woman keeps on increasing making their unison a match made in heaven and blessed by angels to a degree of harmony and delicacy that can only be imagine by other zodiac signs. Pisces: People of this sign need affection, are sensitive, and like to be the center of attention. Those whose dates of birth between June 22 and July 22 are Cancer men. Toggle navigation. " Anyway, he had a former wife that hurt him, so that might be why he's so cold. They are ruled by Mercury and therefore there isn't much emotion present unless they "have" to show emotion to let others know they are human. Do you feel cold all the time? If so you will probably wonder why you need to be swathed in layers of clothes when your friends and family are peeling them off. " 100 Ways To Keep A Pisces Woman Happy: How To Please Pisces Women Leo   If the slight was unintentional, a Pisces is likely to give their friend the cold- shoulder for a while, but if the friend hangs in and is encouraging, they'll eventually  23 Oct 2016 Pisces is a Water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy and Facts 32: Pisces do not get angry, they get cold. Many Pisces, especially men Pisces desire being with several girls. They like seeing you suffer,they are so cold and unemotional,they only money and sex from a person,nothing more than that. Pisces Man. You should avoid drugs as far as possible. It’s so easy for the sexy Scorpio man to get caught up in infatuation. Often, it is not cold feet alone that are problematic but allied symptoms such as a tingling sensation or the skin turning blue. You do care about people deep down but some people take it as aggressio The reasons that sufferers of anorexia often feel cold all the time is due to the fact that they have very little body fat. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. But they do not understand how Gemini can be so cold and insensitive to feelings. To them, being detached means being in control of the situation at hand. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to this deep and profound flaw in your personality. after that talk he was so cold and i feel like im a stranger to him Did you have a fight with your Scorpio man? Did something happen that now you have to deal with an angry Scorpio?Is your Scorpio man ignoring your texts? It is a common trait of a Scorpio man to become angry or sad, without much obvious reason. Some people have feelings, you know. ' Pisces men are torn between the spiritual realm and the real world of materialism. Pisces rules places like prisons, hospitals, and monasteries, and churches - where people are isolated for one reason or another. 7 Nov 2018 As a teenager, my friends and I would spend hours in the spirituality section of a “stable pair,” and it's not always easy for Pisces and Gemini lovers to align. ". You're disloyal and have a lack of respect. So the next time a guy goes over the top hot at the beginning of a relationship, you’ll understand why he’s acting that way and hopefully not get caught up in that particular mind game. In Western tropical astrology, there are always 12 astrological signs. Click here for your free complimentary Numerology reading. Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility. The question Why are Capricorns so Good in Bed, is not easy to answer. She is likely to have been a dreamer who was too emotional or possibly had an addiction. Their ruling planet is neptune and related known keywords with neptune are illusion, fantasy, dreams, confusion, addiction, mystic and running aw I might be wrong but this is what I feel about myself and people I have come across. They are cutthroat in their ambition and will not stop until they get what they want. since highschool. why are pisces so cold

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