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Note: the call above works because there is an implicit method argThat which transforms a specs2 Matcher[T] into a Hamcrest one and in turn call Mockito’s org. PowerMockito. hamcrest. Matchers. MockitoHamcrest. However, the documentation for ArgumentMatcher states: The method should never assert if the argument doesn’t match. But you can delay calling these methods by passing a Supplier for each of those matchers. Actual equals implementation is done in its matches() method: MockitoのArgumentMatcherの使い方. Use at least version 2. You can find it here. Out of the box, Mockito cannot mock final classes and final or static methods, but if you really need it, Mockito 2 provides the experimental MockMaker plugin. argThat. The following are Jave code examples for showing how to use doReturn() of the org. testng. Matcher<T> interface. 15. The new Mockito found a whole  Oct 1, 2014 EDIT: With Mockito 2 you no longer need to use the following method. 1. Matcher но Mockito ArgumentMatcher Arayüzü 2. The following code examples are extracted from open source projects. Assert. x for a short time, then focus on Mockito 3. Pour Mockito 2. disconnect lub phone. mockito. You can vote up the examples you like and your votes will be used in our system to generate more good examples. In this particular example, I'm testing a PricingServiceImpl class and it has a dependency to a DataAccess type. A lambda can be used with the ArgumentMatchers. Custom Matcher Mockito provides a Matcher<T> interface along with an abstract ArgumentMatcher<T> class to verify arguments. It should only return false. Change throwOnMissingStub back to invoking Object. . 10. The following are top voted examples for showing how to use org. Mockito’s final mocking is a big step forward for Android testing. We felt this change would make tests harness much safer that it was with Mockito 1. Creating Spies After releasing Mockito 2 (see what’s new) the team will continue to improve version 2. So, when using Mockito version 2, we could get rid of line 13 and our test would still be successful: Migration to Mockito 2. argThatになることに注意。 当然のながら引数は異なる。 前者はMockitoで定義されているArgumentMatcherインターフェース型の引数であり、後者はHamcrestで定義されるMatcher Unit test logback using JUnit There is not a single application I have ever seen without logging. 5 if want to use the same version) and at least 4. Mockito framework: создания заглушек для Unit тестов Назначение фреймворка Фреймворк Mockito предназначен для создание заглушек, которые можно использовать при написании Unit тестов вместо реальных классов или интерфейсов. - internally Mockito does not use hamcrest. Oui, c'est un problème général avec Mockito/Hamcrest. With the ArgumentMatcher you can determine the outcome of your mocked s The method used for this is thenThrow(. 0 development testing. I did find that I had to use @Captor rather than @Mock, otherwise Mockito displayed an “Invalid use of argument matchers warning”. 0, a brand new Binder API was introduced that is more flexible and easier to Mockito really helps when you want to make white box testing. Loading Advertisement Argument matching with Mockito I recently fielded a question at a client about how to state verify indirect inputs into a mocked dependency. Mockito Essentials (2014) by Sujoy Acharya: Mastering Unit Testing Using Mockito and JUnit (2014) by Sujoy Acharya: Mockito Cookbook (2014) by Marcin Grzejszczak: Test-Driven Development with Mockito (2013) by Sujoy Acharya: Instant Mockito (2013) by Marcin Grzejszczak: Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito (2013) by Tomek Kaczanowski Since a few weeks the new mockito release candidate is available. We need Mockito for mocking Logback Appender and capture logs on the mocked Appender. * * @return null or default values */ public T capture() { Mockito. Mockito是一个Java仿冒框架,所谓仿冒,就是创建一个“虚假”的类,来模拟一个类的行为。之所以需要“仿冒”,可能出于下列考虑: 某个类已经进入单元测试,而协作类 尚未开发完成 。此时需要 快速模拟 出协作类,避免耽误测试进度 This wiki page contains high level narrative about Mockito 2. other two arguments are 0 and 1 verify(mock). These examples are extracted from open source projects. argThat;. Follow. Mockito Essentials (2014) by Sujoy Acharya: Mastering Unit Testing Using Mockito and JUnit (2014) by Sujoy Acharya: Mockito Cookbook (2014) by Marcin Grzejszczak: Test-Driven Development with Mockito (2013) by Sujoy Acharya: Instant Mockito (2013) by Marcin Grzejszczak: Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito (2013) by Tomek Kaczanowski Mockito 2. Writing custom Mockito Matchers to match on an attribute value Sometimes when you are testing a service call, you want to check that any intermediate calls it made (dao requests, api calls, etc) were called with the appropriate arguments, so in a sense, it is not the end result that you are interested that much, by the intermediate calls that Mockito will verify whether the user passed as an argument to the getTaxFactorFor() method that is equals to our user (in this case, Mr. Use Mockito argThat matcher. In particular anyone using Kotlin (which demands using mockito-inline) and PowerMock (which exasperates the problem even more) will want to add this to all of their test classes to avoid a large memory leak: Since Mockito 2. I need the latter in Mockito 2. ) of class org. In addition to testing the results of some code, you can make sure that the code makes necessary method calls during its execution. Mock JUnit tests with Mockito example post introduces Mockito as Java mocking framework. The argThat return type is not being inferred for some reason. Some components of openHAB are heavily bound to the OSGi runtime, because they use OSGi core services like the EventAdmin or the ConfigurationAdmin or the ItemRegistry That makes it hard to test those components outside of the OSGi container. 0 in an effort to decouple Mockito from Hamcrest and argThat(org. Mockito doesn't mock final methods so the bottom line is: when you spy on real objects + you try to stub a final method = trouble. com Filippo Diotalevi - filippo@diotalevi. Mockito, argThat, and hasEntry. What can be done with ArgumentCaptor is often not seen. By Lokesh Mockito. argThat(new ArgumentMatcher){public void matches(Object obj)…. ArgumentMatcher) method. *; ここでは List インターフェースに対してモックを作成し、モックのメソッドを呼び出してみます。 Mockito 2. Mockito as shown in line no. Current mock libraries suffer from specifying method names as strings, which cause a lot of problems: Poor refactoring support: rename method and you need manually search/replace it's usage in when/verify clauses. Matcher plus org. Your votes will be used in our system to get more good examples. 6. 0. Additionally the ArgumentMatcher can be used in mocking too. I will be using Foo and Bar to . GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. 0 sits across Java versions, we dropped support for the Java 5 runtime and but we still produce compatible code for the Java 6 runtime. . g. 2 # Start using the new InvocationMatcher instead of the old matcher. Matcher<T>) 心地良すぎるモックライブラリ Mockito 〜その1〜 - A Memorandumの続き。 呼び出し順序の妥当性検証 以下のように、2つの Mockito is a fantastic mock library for Java. To use our matcher, we need to modify our test and replace any by argThat:. 0+ у Mockito больше нет прямой зависимости от Hamcrest. findNumberOfShipsInRangeByCriteria(. addAll(argThat(list -> list. If you have any existing Mockito  After releasing Mockito 2 (see what's new) the team will continue to improve version 2. Post summary: How to assert mock method is called with the specific object as an argument in case no equals() method is implemented on argument object. capture(), valueCaptor. Mockito. One of it’s nice features is the ArgumentMatcher. Category Education; Show more Show less. Is that possible? In this test, the test using any passes, but the one with the ArgumentMatcher fails (using org. Quand j'écris un test, je veux qu'il soit isolé autant que possible, à savoir qu'il teste une méthode sans que les résultats des méthodes d'autres objets dont elle dépend et leurs erreurs éventuelles ne viennent perturber ses résultats. ArgumentMatcher. @Test. Para começar, criei e injetou uma instância de um objeto no qual o método será chamado. 8. caller. Unit testing is essential to produce good software. verify(ts). doThrow(. argThat method family had a direct dependency on hamcrest, in order to allow  This API was changed in Mockito 2. Extending Mockito 31 Oct 2016. ArgumentMatchers#argThatであり、後者はorg. write(argThat(arrayStartingWithA), eq(0),eq(1)); }. unit testing on the rocks! 2. Implementations of this interface can be used with ArgumentMatchers. 0 had an important feature added for anyone using mockito-inline. Matcher mais sont utilisés de la même manière. 3. Why Mockito? What are the alternatives? 3. In 2. Custom Argument Matchers Use argThat(org. Mockito. any(Integer. clear()), then we can use the alternate way of throwing exception , i. Matcher<T>但以类似方式使用的ArgumentMatcher<T>对象。 Hamcrest适配器如argThat和intThat仍然可用,但是已经转移到MockitoHamcrest 。 InputStream Matcher for Mockito. import static org. 2 version of junit and repackage it without the hamcrest classes. Here I will show the differences between ArgumentMatcher and ArgumentCaptor. 0+, Mockito ne dépend plus directement de Hamcrest. Matchers are registered automatically by Mockito when you call the methods creating them (eq, argThat, any, isNotNull, ). Mockito doesn’t give you hangover because the tests are very readable and they produce clean verification errors. Lambdas are supported out of the box. using Hamcrest matchers, but in Mockito 1). endsWith: Similar to startsWith, this argument matcher matches String arguments with values that end with the given Mockito is a mocking framework that tastes really good. phone. Mockito provides a method called argThat() in org. Oct 31, 2016 Due to its clean simple api, Mockito has become world's most popular Java 2 minute read public class ListMatchers { @Nullable public static <K> List listContains(K object) { return argThat(new ListContains<>(object)); } }. Java 8 only - use a lambda in place of an ArgumentMatcher since ArgumentMatcher is effectively a functional interface. 2 minute read Due to its clean simple api, Mockito has become world’s most popular Java mocking framework. Mockito Hello World Example. To use our matcher, we need to modify our test and replace any by argThat: Mockito 2. 2. Watch out for final methods. Suggestions: anyIterable() dans Mockito 2. Jun 30, 2015 Mockito-Java8 is a set of Mockito add-ons leveraging Java 8 and lambda 2. 12. put(keyCaptor. Let’s take a look at what Matchers are available in Mockito. Dart's mockito package fixes these issues - stubbing and verifying are first-class citizens. verify(hashMap, times( 2 )). bar((Map<String,  This page provides Java code examples for org. 对于Mockito 2. It uses a different approach to the same use-case than the ArgumentCaptor. There are broadly 2 types of matchers in Mockito or in terms of usage,  1 Mockito Argument Matchers – any(); 2 Mockito Argument Matcher – eq(); 3 Mockito AdditionalMatchers; 4 Mockito Verify Argument Matchers; 5 Summary  Mockito – Verify multiple method calls with different arguments. Thus, Mockito can be statically imported into a class in this way: Mockito - Integration testing made easier. mock(CharSequence. verify(foo). noSuchMethod: It was never documented what the thrown type should be Mockito requires you to provide all arguments either by matchers or by exact values. A simple Matcher with "argThat" did the trick easily. Also note that the methods equals() and hashCode() cannot be mocked. call(Phone phone) Wewnątrz obiektu caller: 2. Add a Mockito + test package example at test/example/iss. argThat(ArgumentMatcher). *;. thenReturn(value); – Use the Scala: Part 2: Arrays, List & TuplesIn "Programming Language". Alternatively -not to be followed- you can "fork" the 4. Matchers class. We were also using PropertiesConfigurationFactory to bind a POJO to a prefix of the Environment. The How to properly match varargs in Mockito answers how to match any varargs (including in Mockito 2) and how to match more precisely (e. Mockito extends Matchers so to get access to all matchers just import Mockito class statically. argThat method to register the Hamcrest matcher. java - Mockito - thenReturn always returns null object I'm trying to implement Mockito to test a particular method but the . As a unit test is intended to cover only a very small piece of code we need to mock out other components. empty(). John). It lets you write beautiful tests with a clean & simple API. class));When a Runnable is submitted to the ExecutorService, the mock simply calls the run method, no threads involved. Please provide your feedback and suggestions for the scope of Mockito 3. 7. 3 of Robolectric to resolve the final class mocking. public void setOtherSample( argThat( new ArgumentMatcher<Sample>() {. infinity to support Dart 2. isNotNull: It matches the not null argument value for a certain class. Matcher< Integer>和org. 7. With the help of Java 8 it is now much cleaner and more readable to write: 我又来啦,没错我~~胖虎~~今天教你进阶Mockito!VerifyMockito一大好用的功能public class MockitoDemo { @Test public void f() { CharSequence charSequence = Mockito. If that is the case, only then will Mockito return 10 as the output of the getTaxFactorFor() method. You can vote up the examples you like. 0-dev. To unsubscribe from this group, send email to moc@googlegroups. 14. I couldn't use ArgumentCaptor as the method was called several times and I needed to validate each one. mockito:mockito-core SDK version ceiling bumped to <2. This class is an implementation of the Answer interface allowing to pass functions as an answer. He Mockito is a mock framework which you can use to write simple and clean tests. Both use-cases make use of the Mockito. argThat(org. 1, it's clear the team put a lot more thought into their work. Import The most of the Mockito facilities are static methods of org. テストにおいて、メソッドの動作設定とメソッド呼び出し検証でモックに渡す引数と、実際にテスト対象クラスからモックのメソッドに渡される引数は異なる可能性がある。 この時、ArgumentMatcherを使うことで、引数の中身 Tdd With Mockito 1. Mockito在StackOverflow上被评为“the best mock framework for Java”肯定是有一定的道理的。它 Stubbing voids requires different approach from {@link Mockito#when(Object)} because the compiler does not like void methods inside brackets {@link Mockito#doThrow(Throwable)} replaces the {@link Mockito#stubVoid(Object)} method for stubbing voids. Aug 3, 2017 Unfortunately Mockito , one of the most popular mocking libraries for Java projects, can't Case 2 – you use both Mockito and PowerMock. argThat(ArgumentMatcher)を使用する可能性もあります。 Java 8の助けを借りて、これははるかにクリーンで、読みやすいようになりました。 Befriending Kotlin and Mockito. argThat() method that provides a reasonably readable test code. Otherwise some other rule will fire, or Mockito will perform its default Mock library for Dart inspired by Mockito. Test Driven Development con Filippo Diotalevi Java User Group Milano filippo@diotalevi. testujemy nie mając dostępu do środowiska z Early Access puts eBooks and videos into your hands whilst they’re still being written, so you don’t have to wait to take advantage of new tech and new ideas. 0; Dagger 2 framework; RxJava 2; Basic understanding of When testing a particular class, you need to use Mockito to mock all of its . 25. talk Załóżmy teraz, że piszemy test dla klasy Caller. It does a bit of work for the client: // if the method has one parameter and the f The Mockito upgrade was painless (ArgumentMatcher is now an interface and the import for argThat had to be changed). 4. x will target Java 8. Як мати інший тип повернення для різних параметрів за допомогою Mockito? Basic Unit Testing with Mockito 1. isNull: It matches the null argument value for a certain class. Nie możemy lub nie chcemy (a często nawet nie powinniśmy) używać w nim obiektu Phone. thenReturn(Mockito. As a workaround, you should consider using mockito-core (1. It is delivered through Maven mainly for ant users, but the distribution has been discontinued in Mockito 2. 所以,例如:org. This can also be adapted for use with Callable for a bit more sophistication. [2] The Mockito API: Since Mockito 2. 9. x development. Mockito offers a dedicated API to match arguments via ArgumentMatcher. Mockito Resetting Mock - Learn Mockito in simple and easy steps starting from Overview, Environment Setup, First Application, JUnit Integration, Adding Behavior, Verifying Behavior, Expecting Calls, Varying Calls, Exception Handling, Create Mock, Ordered Verification, Callbacks, Spying, Resetting Mock, Behavior Driven Development, Timeouts. Final Thoughts. However with improvements in the compiler of Java 7 and especially Java 8, we found that Mockito 2 should focus on Java 8 rather than older runtimes. Most developer will first see the ArgumentMatcher and use it. 官方文档; 大多 Java Mock 库如 EasyMock 或 JMock 都是 expect-run-verify (期望-运行-验证)方式,而 Mockito 则使用更简单,更直观的方法:在执行后的互动中提问; 非 expect-run-verify 方式 也意味着,Mockito 无需准备昂贵的前期启动。他们的目标是透明的,让开发人员 Est-ce que mockito vous permet d’affirmer ou de vérifier l’object et ses atsortingbuts lorsque la méthode simulée est appelée? Comment vérifier Ssortingng dans le corps de la réponse avec mockMvc Mock 测试是单元测试的重要方法之一。本文介绍了基于 Java 语言的 Mock 测试框架 – Mockito 的使用。什么是 Mock 测试Mock 测试就是在测试过程中,对于某些不容易构造(如 HttpServletRequest 必须在Servlet 容器中才能构造出来)或者不容易获取比较复杂的对象(如 前者のargThatは、org. Java Code Examples for org. You can click to vote up the examples that are useful to you. Since we rarely handle null values when dealing with Optional, Mockito now returns an empty Optional by default. com – Jug Milano Javaday Roma III Edizione – 24 gennaio 2009 2. What will happen is the real method will be called *on mock* but *not on the real instance* you passed to the spy() method. size() == 2));. How to use Mockito to mock things? Udemy. Jul 2, 2019 Learn how to use different types of matchers provided by Mockito. Hamcrest integration is provided so that users can take advantage of existing Hamcrest matchers. < dependency >. You can use argThat(str  Nov 25, 2011 2. method(Mockito. @Override. assertArg(sc  Oct 23, 2009 Mockito is a fantastic mock library for Java. class); CharSeque… Thanks for the tip, this makes things much cleaner. Actual equals implementation is done in its matches() method: You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "mockito" group. List. To avoid these issues, make sure you are running at least version 3. Current mock libraries suffer from specifying method names as strings, which cause a lot of problems: Poor refactoring support: rename method and you need manually search/replace its usage in when/verify clauses. This creates a rule in the mock object that is only invoked when the getString() method is called with an argument of 2. It accepts an object from the class that implements org. < groupId >org. Jan 7, 2015 Matchers. class)返回一个org. x. 0以降、静的メソッドMatchers. Example AccountController HellotxtManagement+addAccount+deleteAccount . when(mock. Cet article est une version mise à jour d'un article initialement paru sur le Coin de l'architecte Java. 0 mockito verify (9) Eu tenho uma chamada de método que eu quero zombar com mockito. xml For the first time there's a  Mar 15, 2017 Despite the version number, Mockito 2 is mostly the same as Mockito 1, as far as the external API is concerned. }). Contributions welcome interfaces on older versions of Mockito. 12 of Mockito 2 to enable default method mocking. mockito</ groupId > . x using the above two channels and GitHub issue tracker. thenReturn(2); // or matchers: when(cat. Logging is such an essential part of every application, it provides the necessary details regarding what's going inside the application, how the flow is progressing & in the case of exceptions details like the message & stack trace. Nov 23, 2018 2. Available matchers. }))). capture ());. class)与MockitoAnnotations. Elye. Example 2 argThat( new ArgumentMatcher<File>() { @Override public boolean   <p> * See examples in javadoc for {@link ArgumentCaptor} class. After having covered all of its basics, it’s time to spice things up and start extending Mockito. ) is passed to  Jun 18, 2017 For Log4j 2 I will be doing a separate blog. Lesson 2 learned, making friend, not only need to open outwardly, also inwardly, but limited to those you want to be verified. argThat() method integrates mockito argument matching with Hamcrest - new ArgumentMatcher. Mar 16, 2015 2. NET world. Try explicitly casting as shown below: Mockito. As this is a nullable reference, the suggested API to match null would be isNull(). connect 3. If we need to throws exception when a method whose return type is void is called (eg. 0 was decoupled from Hamcrest to avoid version incompatibilities that have impacted our users in past. e. thenReturn() seems to always be returning a null object instead of what I intended: Для Mockito 2. Using argThat(), we can verify the argument, which passed into the  Jun 14, 2011 Tikal Knowledge - Mockito in real world: ArgumentMatcher and We want to make sure the code calls PrintStream 2 times, ignore the first call  Dec 17, 2013 Let's say you've introduced JUnit and Hamcrest matchers to your project by adding the following to your pom. To post to this group, send email to moc@googlegroups. The following example shows how to mock up the dependencies for your system under test or SUT. 0+,Mockito不再有对Hamcrest的直接依赖。 Matchers调用intThat为intThat或argThat包装不再实现org. Mock nesnenin metodları çağrıldıktan sonra Mockito. Może być problem z dostępem do niego (np. 11. Mockito 2. Mockito is a mocking framework helpful in creating mocks and spies in a simple and intuitive way, while at the same time providing great control of the whole process. Isolation 4. There is also mockito-all which contains Hamcrest and Objenesis besides Mockito itself. Que ce soit en Java ou en Kotlin le problème est toujours le même, tester son application Android peut-être un vrai challenge. 5. Matchers appels de correspondance sont intThat sous la forme intThat ou argThat enveloppent les argThat ArgumentMatcher qui org. 0, only allow non-null Collection. コードをシンプルに保つために、Mockito をスタティックインポートしておきます。 import static org. I'd like to test this code by mocking the service with Mockito and verifying that activate was called with a reasonable map. Section 2 Configuring Mockito Mock library for Dart inspired by Mockito. 13. It caught me off guard when the question was asked (the question came first thing in the morning on an iteration planning day), so I didn't just rattle off an answer. com. There may be a sitution when we need to execute a block of code several number of times, and is often referred to as a loop. If an argument other than an ArgMatcher (like any , anyNamed() , argThat , captureArg , etc. Hamcrest dependency is optional in the pom - existing type ArgumentMatcher will stop inheriting from hamcrest - new MockitoHamcrest. isA: It matches the argument value which is an instance of A. That is the exact same value as the return of a call to Optional. 9 version of junit (where they started to bundle hamcrest properly: as a dependency). Mockito Tutorial (A comprehensive guide with examples) 20 May 2017 Mockito is a mocking framework for Java which is extremely easy to use, so this post will discuss all the cool features you need to know about mockito with simple and easy examples. mock(Future. 0 there’s also possibility to use static method Matchers. The main reason is improved readability and consistency with the family of doAnswer() methods. initMocks(this) Mockito如何模拟和断言抛出exception? 用Mockito调用callback; Mockito:thenAnswer Vs然后返回; Mockito与JMockit之间的比较 - 为什么Mockito比JMockit投票更好? (For more resources related to this topic, see here. Meu objetivo é verificar um dos objetos na chamada de método. verify() kullanımında parametre değerlerini kontrol etmek için. argThat() method allows to write custom argument matchers without hamcrest Mockito is a mock object framework for Java. Mockito 3. I’m fascinated by how easy it is to use, compared to other things out there both in the Java and . 8. Les dépendances au système sont nombreuses et la multitude d 这将是一个容易的,但是如果我的lib类包含在我的类路径中,我找不到它们之间的区别和使用哪个区别? Hamcrest匹配器方法返回匹配器< T>而Mockito匹配器返回T. 1 With the long-awaited release of Mockito 2. Please provide your feedback . Thanks for the tip, this makes things much cleaner. This post provides an introduction into the widely used mocking framework Mockito. Example: ashleyfrieze changed the title Introduction functional interfaces to improve Java 8 utilisation of Mockito 2 Introduce functional interfaces to improve Java 8 utilisation of Mockito 2 Jan 3, 2016 This comment has been minimized. How can i convert the XmlMatcher for \("ocl") to a single node, so the argThat can match the required Node argument? しかし、Mockito 1の内部動作は、この構造の準備ができていませんでした。このコードをMockito 2より前のバージョン2で実行すると、このエラーはよくわかります。 #Integration tests. See what you can't get away with anymore (and be ready to see a lot). Matchers вызовы, intThat или argThat обертывают argThat ArgumentMatcher которые больше не реализуют org. This is the doAppend(argThat(new ArgumentMatcher() { @Override public boolean  May 25, 2018 Android Studio 3. Mockito mocks not only interfaces but also abstract classes and concrete non-final classes. Version 2 changed that behavior. So I think it is the right time to place a new post. Il y a predifinis Mockito de rapprochement pour la plupart des classes génériques: anyList (),anyMap(),anySet() et anyCollection(). See examples in javadoc for ArgumentMatchers class. ) Drinking Mockito Download the latest Mockito binary from the following link and add it to the The implementation of check calls Mockito’s argThat, and passes the supplied predicate as an argument. Mockito extends Matchers so to get access to all matchers just import Mockito class addAll(argThat(new IsListOfTwoElements())); //becomes verify(mock). However sometimes the implicit conversion is not called and you have to explicitly call the argThat method like so: Mock library for Dart inspired by Mockito. You can also create custom matches using the argThat matcher as in this example. Thus Mockito-Kotlin’s documentation is in direct contradiction with this constraint. Mockito class. Généralement en utilisant isA() avec les classes génériques produit un avertissement. Java has v Mockito:如何validation在方法中创build的对象上调用的方法? @RunWith(MockitoJUnitRunner. Why mock? 3. argThat(capturingMatcher);  Oct 11, 2016 Mockito 2 sucks! But the further investigation showed that Mockito 2 is cool, but some of my tests are bad. mockito when argthat (8) The solutions above didn't really work in my case. specs2 xml matcher with mockito. argthat mockito 2

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